Month: March 2022


Now we have for you Galactoid by Clay Hellman/QSW in 1993 This is a Galaga-clone, and just as the same as Galaga, You have enemies coming inscreen from the left and right, to then go towards the top to form a grid, But while they are flying into position you can fire at them, and […]

Test Drive II

The Commercial Game Of The Month for March 2022, is Accolade’s Test Drive II (1989) This has to be one of my all time favourite Games, and Speed is the Key here, and of course avoiding other Traffic on the road There are 2 options at the start, You can race against the “Clock” in […]

Galaga ’92

Well what do we have here, it is Galaga ’92 by Geert Coelmont, Released in 1992 Galaga ’92 is yet another Galaga-clone, This game features powerups for fire, speed and bullets, and also you can collect one which removes all existing powerups from your ship as well! Enemies can drop powerups when they die, and […]


Today we have for you a game of Concentration called Amigatration by Gabe Dalbec in 1990 In this game you need to concentrate and find the matching pairs, once you have a pair, it will remain revealed until you find other pairs, which will also be revealed, and you keep going until you complete the […]

Les Dennis Hangman

What do we have here, well it is Les Dennis Hangman, Created in AMOS by Ben Knapp / Tracysoft (LOL?), while it is named “Les Dennis Hangman” the only “Les Dennis” reference in the game is the In Game Buzzer Sound and one simple “YES” sound effect from Les when you get the answer correct […]