Donkey Kong is a Great Classic to play, The game opens up with the Gorilla climbing to the top, holding your Girl, then he slowly moves to the Left of the screen in a Jumping motion, thereby collapsing the Steel Girders into the design as shown above, once the cut scene is finished, you start at the bottom left

From the outset, your aim is to get to the top of the screen and rescue the Girl, while avoiding Barrels and Fire initially on Level 1, followed by Fire and Cake things which move along the platforms on Level 2, There is also a time limit per level, so you cannot hang around for long

You also have a Hammer placed at various stages in every level, if you decide to pick this up, by jumping onto it, you equip the Hammer which does a rocking motion back and forth, as though you are whacking it at the platform every few seconds, once collected you are then fixed on the platform you are on, you cannot climb or descend ladders, but with the Hammer you can BOP! anything what will kill you, such as Barrels, Cakes or Fire, until it runs out, which then enables you to climb the ladders to the Girl at the top

The game is quite difficult at times, and is certainly challenging the further you progress, in Level 2 for example (shown far right) you have to avoid Custard Pies on Conveyor Belts, and the Fires which seem to constantly dance around the Girl, making it difficult to even complete the level in this Amiga version

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