Flag Catcher is a very nice simple game, in which you pick squares off a grid, in order to try and reveal the Red Flag to complete the level

Along the way, there are Bombs, which will clear the entire game board of tiles, back to the original Blue, so memorizing tiles is a must when you get these pesky Bombs!

We also have Numbers which will say how far away the flag is, but does not give any direction, then there are Arrows, which will point in the General Direction of the Flag, but the Flag may not be on the same line at the Arrow, so moving around the area maybe needed to find the Flag

Finally we then have the BONUS which gives you points on your Score, and the MOVES which resets your moves back to what they were at the beginning of the level, usually 25

There is pretty nice background music as well, which adds to the overall ambience of the game, really is worth playing if you love Classic Gaming

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