Well here it is finally, Q-Bic, a extremely well made Q-Bert clone for the Amiga, Made by Ronald Weeserik

This is a very good Game, I play it sometimes for hours at a time, The whole game centers around a Blob character, whos aim is to colour up the Pyramids while avoiding the Enemies what appear, such as Balls, which drop from platform to platform on a downward angle

There is also a Snake which pops out at sometimes, and while you can avoid the Snake, there are usually 4 spinning discs at the side of the Pyramid, in which you jump onto them with the Snake in quick pursuit, you will be teleported back to the top of the Pyramid, at the same time, the Snake will jump off into oblivion, with what I would say, is a very comical Crash sound effect what follows (please see the Video)

On later levels the Enemies come from the bottom upwards, these tend to be slightly more difficult to avoid, as the movements of them can sometimes catch you off-guard, and passing 10,000 points gives you an extra life (the screen briefly flashes blue for a moment to symbolise this)

There is really decent Title Screen Music which plays, and is well worth listening to before you start the game, when it will end, and the Game Sounds come into their own, from you moving around the Game, to the enemy sounds, and the quite brilliant Crash sound what plays when you or the Snake falls off the Pyramid, The sound effects are top class!

In closing, This is a very well made game, it plays well, and has some comical aspects to it, which give it that kind of appeal, you just do not get with many Games

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