This is Cookie, by Richard Langford, a Bakery-style Game where you need to put the Ingredients into the Bowl, and Bin the Rest!

You keep your Ingredients locked away until you want to cook them, this leaves them a wee bit miffed, so as soon as they can, they dash out of storage, while dragging all sorts of enemies behind them, to escape and run wild all over your Bakery

The object of the Game is, using your Flour Bombs, you have to put the Food Items, such as Cookies, into the Pot in the middle, which has a number on it of the Items you need to get into your Mix before you can goto the Next Level

While trying to do what seems an easy task, There are various other enemies, which if put into your Pot, increase the number of Bakery Items you need in that pot

There are also other enemies which will come, including Nails, Screws and they will follow you around the screen, the only way to defeat these is throw some of that Flour at them and then try redirecting them into the Bins

Rubbish and Nasties will increase the ingredients needed to complete your Cake, so these, if hit, must be redirected away from the Pot and into a Bin where they truly belong!

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