This is the first of the Dark Unicorn Productions Title, This one is called Desert Apache, by John Graham in 1995

Your mission is to rescue 5 POWS, you then get to choose one of them on a map, then a Full FMV plays, and during this shows you a target you need to aim for, if you successfully aim for the target it is destroyed, and then you choose another target until all 5 POWS have been rescued thereby completing your mission

The game itself is a Full Motion Video (FMV) type affair, which plays various clips, over which you get control to shoot at what it tells you to aim for within a few seconds, If you successfully shoot it down, then Congratulations is in order, otherwise it is Game Over

On first loading, You are treated to a Radio Call while the Titles come in, then you press any key to the Menu, which has some backing music on there, in-game the FMV has sound effects which are very realistic, are well designed for the Amiga and play quite smoothly, There is a 1/4 Screen mode as well which would work better on lower end Amiga computers of course, but in reality you should not need to use that mode today of course 🙂

The FMV in this Game has 1/4 Screen Mode and Full Screen Mode, Both work fine on the Emulation side, and to run the Full Screen Version you may need a Real Amiga 1200 or Better since that has a faster CPU 🙂

Code: John Graham / Dark Unicorn
Music: Room237
Samples: Chas, Airport

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