Today we have Zerberk from 1992 (on Title Screen, But Lemon Amiga lists it as 1993?!), by Matthias Bock, a rather well made Game, which you may know better as being a clone of Berzerk (1980) from the Arcades

The game places you in a top-down maze environment, where your object is to kill all the robots on each level before you progress to the edge of the screen to begin the next level

The walls are electrified and will kill you on touch, Robots can also kill you if touched, or they shoot at you

There is a time limit on each level, when it is reached, Evil Otto appears, a smiley face character, who will follow you around the map, including through walls, until you either die, or get to the next level

You advance by clearing off all the Robots, and moving to one of the exits of the maze on screen, which will then increase the level number, and you then repeat, by clearing all the Robots and again advancing

There are Question Marks (?) which will randomly spawn, These can be fired at to give various special effects

The colours of the Enemy Robots and Screen change on each new level or lost life, You can only fire 1 laser at a time, and cannot fire another until it hits either the edge of the screen or a robot, so timing of shots is a must

Developer: Lazy Cow
Coder: Matthias Bock

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