The final review of 2021, has got to be Megaball AGA by Ed Mackey and Al Mackey, an Arkanoid-style Block Breaker Game

Megaball is a bat and ball block breaker game, in which you have a bat at the bottom of the screen which you can only move left and right using the mouse, and shoot a Ball upwwards into blocks which break, some take a few hits to break, while others may even appear on the play area when the ball hits an invisible block

You will also need to follow the Ball with your Bat and stop it from exiting the bottom of the screen by hitting it back up into the Blocks

If you lose the Ball down below, this will cost you a Life, in this case, it will give you a new bat at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to continue play, until all your Bats are exhausted, at which point its Game Over, Game Over Maaaan!

The gameplay is on par with other block breakers, and there is decent Music on the Title Screen and in-game you have the usual sound effects making this Game so enjoyable to play

NOTE: MegaBall AGA V4 was Open-Sourced June 12, 2012 by Ed Mackey and is Distributable under the Apache 2.0 License – There is also Source code for the Game on the Repository as well

Code: Ed Mackey
Graphics: Alan Mackey
Music: Alan Mackey

Hits: 480

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