This is Dithell’s Wonderland, Programmed in AMOS by Darren Ithell in 1992

The object of this game is to colour up all the clear tiles on the platforms, which will then complete the level and move onto the next

You will need to avoid various creatures which move around such as Little Green Frogs which jump around the platforms, Theres a Beak creature which stays on the platform and simply moves left and right when it reaches the end of the platform

On other levels there are Snakes, which follow the Beak Creatures movements, just left and right, but these are longer, so you will need to time your jumps over them

On later levels, there are Black Balls which just appear to randomly jump around between platforms, almost trying to anticipate where you will move next

There are in-game sounds as you colour in the tiles, and a wobble-style sound when you get caught by an enemy, and there are flying fruits which give you points as well

The bottom part of the screen is taken up by a information bar, which shows you your current score at the left, followed by your lives, and at the right, it also shows you the current level you are on

There is a PC Remake of this, by Dan from English Amiga Board which is also included in the Games Collection, which features some improvements and additions over this original version

Code: Darren Ithell
Graphics: Darren Ithell
Music: Darren Ithell

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