The Commercial Game of the Month goes to Another World, from 1991, by Eric Chahi
(also known as Out of This World in America)

Another World is quite possibly one of the best Commercial Games on the Amiga, from its cinematics, which were all created in vector form to reduce memory requirements, to the actual storyline and the gameplay itself

You take control of Lester, who drives his Ferrari into work late to perform an experiment, which sadly goes wrong, and teleports Lester to “Another World” (I see what you did there -ed) of creatures what can kill in 1 hit, This new world is full of aliens, who speak a totally different language to Lester

Lester starts off in this alien world underwater, and appears sat on his desk, which has teleported with him, your task here is to swim upto the surface, and then continue on right, avoiding the alien worms what drop from the ceiling

Your only defence against these alien worms is a swift kick which will splat kill them, while the earthquake rumbling of the world continues to drop yet more into your path, which you can dispatch with the same simple kick, you can also jump over them if you wish

The game does have numerous checkpoints dotted about, which will allow you to restart from that point onwards, there is no HUD, and no clues what you need to do next, except an Oxygen Bar which appears when you are underwater

The characters you meet ingame, speak another language to English, and there are no subtitles or translation, so most of what they say is not understandable, so usually they are not of much help

You do get a Gun later in the Game, after the Cage section, where you are put inside a cage, and hung over a cliff, and from then on, the Game gets increasingly difficult, as you now have a Gun, you can create Walled Barriers to protect you from Enemy Fire, and Shoot them from behind said barriers, which only last a short time, so you do need to keep putting up another barrier which will protect you from the onslaught of enemy gunfire

There is a Demo version both in French and English, so both are included on the Games Collection

Publisher: US Gold
Developer: Delphine Software
Code: Eric Chahi
Graphics: Eric Chahi
Music: Jean-François Freitas

Views: 75

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