Here we have Wally World, Created by Richard Langford in 1992 – A quite awesome platformer which has some very nice Title Screen Music (Puppet on a string), along with a Great Starting Animation, and Great Gameplay throughout!

When you start, You see a happy scene with Wally and a Girl dancing, then Lightning appears, and a huge dragon kidnaps the Girl, so Wally jumps in disgust, and thats where the Game Starts

You (as Wally) have to rescue your Girl, your aim is to jump over objects like Robots, Flying Green things, Balls what drop down from the ceiling, and many other enemies who will drain your Energy Bar, once that is depleted, You lose a life, and you only appear to have 2 chances

The Game plays in “Screen Format” with the first screen being a Forest, then some Pipes, followed by a Really Nice Amiga and Disks where you have to jump between them while avoiding 2 flying Green things, and as you progress, yet more different scenery awaits, I will not spoil it too much!

Also be aware on some screens, Enemies appear behind you, so you do need to be quick and move away from the Left Edge, this is essential on the first Disney Screen for example, as a Green Blob flies in from the Left side, and will kill you if you are not careful (Very sneaky that heh!)

The Game overall has a nice feel and vibe to it, The background music on the Title Screen and In-Game really sets it off well, along with its rather excellent graphics, this Game feels more Commercial than some of the AMOS Games I have seen so far, and since I found this gem, I have been playing it quite a lot

Please visit the Langford Video website

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