CD32 Version of Games Collection?

I have been considering it for a while now, as to make a CD32 Version of the Games Collection each month, or even make one a year, or every six months perhaps (since end user’s burning CD’s monthly would be costly)

I need your feedback on this, and of course if I went ahead with this, I would need plenty of Testers to help me find Games what will not load, crash, or exhibit other issues, so every Game would need lots of testing, and if they do not work, and any broken Games to be reported directly to me so they can be fixed for the CD32

Must also note that If it is a Stock CD32 it only has 2MB CHIP RAM (so Games what require Fast Ram may not even work on a Stock Model), so some Games may not load AT ALL, even with all the fixes, so these Games I could mark as “Not Stock CD32 Compatible” perhaps in the Menus when I find them all of course

I would probably only make the KS31-side of the Games Collection into a CD32 Release, since most of the KS13 Games would probably not even work on a CD32 but as there are only a handful of these Games, and as I put most of them on the KS31 part, it should not matter too much about that

While I have been doing some internal testing with the WinUAE Emulator, since I do not have a CD32 myself, I have found some problematic Games already, and have managed to get them working after a few tweaks, such as KillAGA or TUDE for example, on some Games you even have to force AGA with the CLI Tool “AGA” so that the Games will correctly load under AGA Chipset

So I leave this open to you all now, Please comment below and let me know your thoughts, if enough folks want this to happen, I will plan a CD32 Beta Test near to Christmas 2024

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