The WinUAE-specific Downloads (as of 2021-09-27) have now been changed from HDF files to Folder-style, this method gets past the rather pathetic 49MB HDF limitation under KS1.3 (not sure if it is a bug in WinUAE with the way it handles HDF files or if it is indeed a limitation of KS1.3 itself)

All of the Downloads on this site will, from now on, follow the “Folder” method, including the “AMOS Professional” Downloads and the “WinUAE Downloads”

NOTE: You will need to run “Restore Default Configs” again to update them to the New Format!

Another plus for using Folders over HDF is there is no longer any problems when using it in KS1.3 and also it results in smaller archive sizes, as it does not have to compress 2 x 30MB HDF images anymore, it will simply compress just the data it needs to, for example, as of October 2012, KS1.3 takes up less than 2MB (a saving of 28MB Disk Space), and KS3.1 takes up approx 15MB (a saving of 15MB Disk Space) therefore making the archives download to you much quicker, and also saving any vital space, for example, on USB Sticks of a small size, which currently stands at under 40MB in Total Size – so it will even fit snugly onto a 512MB USB Flash Drive (Who uses those anymore?! -ed)

NOTE: The Amiga Forever RP9 Files are not affected by this, since all the Games are Self-Contained within the 1 RP9 File, along with all the Images and Documents (if available)

Also as they are now in Folders, it also allows easier copying to an SD Card for slotting in the side of your Real Amiga, so it makes it much easier to copy the Games across as files

There is also ONE downside, Editing/Modifying these Files on the PC-Side might break them on the Amiga-Side, since File Attributes and so on are Vastly Different between PC and Amiga, so please do not Edit/Modify any files inside the “AmigaBoingHDF” folder, If you do strange things might happen, You have been warned! :O

Real Amiga Users:

If you do copy them across to your Real Amiga, Please take note of the “Play” files in each Game Folder, as some have Assignments in, for example the Fonts what the Game uses are included in the same folder as the Game itself, as well as any Disk Assigns they may need, an example of this would be Baldy (AMOS) which originally referenced DF0: which is useless on a Hard Disk, so that was changed to BAL: which can easily be Assign(ed) to any folder or even a Floppy Disk if you wanted to recreate one

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