This time it is 5.Kolonne, a SEUCK Game by Hardliners

You take your group of 3 soldiers through enemy lines, there are soldiers which can walk towards you, some are in trenches, and some cannot be killed if they are underneath a wooden door

There are also vehicles which spawn with a few soldiers in which you need to kill

The sound effects are actually pretty decent, from Bullets Firing sounds, to the spawn sound which sounds like a war-cry of sorts, and the death sound

As SEUCK Games go, this is quite a decent well made game, The graphics are pretty well detailed, especially around the trenches, and so are the soldiers what appear throughout the levels

This game sometimes has issues loading, from errors in code, to bombing out to workbench, so it will be wrapped in a WHDLoad for compatibilty purposes, it will still be included on the KS31 Games Collection

Code: Hardliners

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