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Well here it is finally, Q-Bic, a extremely well made Q-Bert clone for the Amiga, Made by Ronald Weeserik This is a very good Game, I play it sometimes for hours at a time, The whole game centers around a Blob character, whos aim is to colour up the Pyramids while avoiding the Enemies what […]


Here we go, as voted for on Twitter, This time around its Infection by Gary Dunne, who also created Toobz which I reviewed earlier in the year Well this game is actually quite good, I like playing this a lot, You can play against the Computer, so people who are alone (like me) can play […]

Top Hat Willy

Now this is Top Hat Willy, which is very similar in gameplay to Jet Set Willy, in which you must guide him around his huge mansion, and collect all the shiny flashy objects, while avoiding a multitude of enemies, from Flying Birds, Rabbits, Bubbles, Barrels, Wheels and tons more enemies all wanting to take a […]

Creepy Crawlies

Well what can I say about Creepy Crawlies, well its a Centipede-Clone (obviously) by Frank Schonlau The player controls a small Ship. It is moved around the bottom area of the screen, and your aim is to fire darts at a segmented centipede advancing from the top of the screen through a field of mushrooms Each segment of the Centipede […]

Nibby Nibble

Well what do we have here then, It’s “Nibby Nibble” the Huge Snake, Coded by Gabriele Roncolato / Amiga News This game is actually quite good, Has some rather nice background music, which fits in nicely, as well as munch sounds, which, to be fair, are ok, but I personally would have picked a more […]

6K Pacman

This time its the turn of 6K Pacman, also like 5K Invaders, this was coded in Amiga-E by Peter Gordon, Pacman of course, is a hero we all know, But so tiny, and compact, although due to the ghostie intelligence routines, it takes up a tiny bit more space than 5K Invaders, so it has […]

5K Invaders

This time around its 5K Invaders, and yes, this one program is so small, it can fit anywhere and is only 5576 bytes! Created by Peter Gordon ( its a very well made tiny game in a programming language called Amiga-E and its a good Space Invaders Clone Despite its basic appearance, simple title screen, […]

Llamatron – 2112

This marvellous game is called Llamatron! – I kid you not! – It is a Fast-paced Arcade-style Shooter and its a real Blast I can tell you! – and there are 100 Levels apparently (according to the Docs) – You play as a laser spitting Llama, which constantly Fires, whos task is to collect all the little sheep, llamas, camels and goats scattered around the level

Metal Gear

This was a game I was so hyped over, So here finally on the Amiga, in its rightful place is Metal Gear, Brilliantly ported over from the MSX by H0ffman to the Wonderful Amiga platform You take control of a Special Forces Operative called Sold Snake, who gets assigned the task of finding the weapon […]

Mother Lode

This is Mother Lode by Joe Rumsey (Night Owl Software), yet another good Lode Runner clone of sorts, The basic principle here is exactly the same as the other Lode Runner games You start off flashing, in this mode the game is in effect “Paused” so it gives you time to study the level, and […]

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