Upcoming – Dec 2021

December 2021:

This month among the reviews will be not ONE but *TWO* Beavis and Butthead Games, which I will do on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! *Phew!* (Both Games are lots of fun I can tell ya!) and plenty of Diamonds will be available as well, along with a recent creation among the Classics which I have been given the Green Light to distribute

November 2021:

This month is “SEUCK Month”, and will also be Amiga Boing Blogs First Birthday (Wheres meh cake? -ed) so I am going out WITH A BLAST! in celebration, Come and join me on this Epic Journey through the Stars..

October 2021:

This month is “AMOS Month”, and to celebrate 30 Years since AMOS 1.3 was released (please see AMOS at 30 for Details) – I will be reviewing TWO AMOS GAMES per week in Celebration of this wonderful easy to use coding language written by François Lionet (O.o), Starting with FurBall

NOTE: The Adult-themed Games will be available from November 2021 – Due to the nature of these Games and the Graphical Content, They will be hidden from Public View and only accessible via a URL which will be disclosed here shortly

This page now contains the next few months of details, as I do like to work ahead of time, I have said many times I do plan waaaaay ahead of time, and surely this page proves that