Upcoming – June 2022

June 2022:

This month sees some Atoms, a Blob thing, some Mouse action with a Bridge type Game, and finally we have a Shoot Em Up

May 2022:

This month there is a new Rick in town, a Game featuring a Hat and a Dog, among other pieces, another brilliant Game by the Late Edgar Vigdal and to finish off we are going see some Karate Moves!

April 2022:

This month is “Dark Unicorn Productions Month”, Showcasing the Titles they released, including Desert Apache, Tom Cat, Psycho Squares Deluxe, It’s The Pits, and Scorched Tanks

Good News: Mike has given me the Green Light to distribute the Full Version of Scorched Tanks – Thanks Mike

March 2022:

This month sees me review an AMOS Game which I find rather disappointing, I wish I could rave about it, But I cannot, along with a Concentration Game, again which is fine, But could have been better, and 2 Shoot-Em-Ups finish off the Lineup

February 2022:

This month there is a mad man dropping things you need to collect quickly as the levels progress on, Some Lemmings make an appearance, and a couple of games Peter Elzner has kindly allowed me to distribute the Full Versions for, Thankyou so much Peter

January 2022:

This month is “Boulderdash and Clones” where I showcase 4 Great Boulderdash-style Games – 2 of which I can bring you the Full Versions of, Thankyou Peter

NOTE: The Adult-themed Games can be accessed by prefixing “xxx” to the website address, and also use the same password in uppercase to extract the files!

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