Download – WinUAE

In this section, You can download a Pre-Configured WinUAE Emulator, along with the Amiga Boing Monthly HDF Images which will add the newer Freeware & Shareware Games which I have reviewed in that month

Last Updated: 26 August 2021 (Includes up to “6K Pacman”)

If you already have Amiga Forever, there is a one-click Kickstart ROM Batch File which will copy the 2 required ROM images into the WinUAE folder for you

PLEASE NOTE: If you downloaded any of these images prior to 10th June 2021 – I have now fixed some of the documentation files not loading and changed the configuration so that Super Twin Tris would load (please re-run the “Restore Default Configs” file to update the configuration)

The package below contains a Portable Version of WinUAE, The HDF Images, all you need is the Kickstart ROM files:

NOTE: The Kickstart ROMS are still under copyright, and therefore I cannot legally distribute them, However, you can obtain them via the following methods detailed below:

Via Clonto Amiga Forever, Plus Edition —
(29.95 EUR – approx: 26.12 GBP / 36.23 USD)
Look in “C:\Users\Public\Documents\Amiga Files\Shared\rom” **

Via Google Play: “Amiga Forever Essentials”
(1.79 GBP – approx: 2.05 EUR / 2.48 USD)
Look in External Storage: /Android/data/com.clonto.amigaforever.essentials/files/rom **

Via Apple iOS / Apple Store:

You will need to add your Email to be notified of when this method is available:

Finding your Kickstart ROM Files after Purchase

** Copy the following 2 files to your PC to use with WinUAE
amiga-os-130.rom -> rename to KICK13.ROM and put in WinUAE\ROMS folder
MD5: 82a21c1890cae844b3df741f2762d48d

amiga-os-310-a1200.rom -> rename to KICK31.ROM and put in WinUAE\ROMS folder
MD5: 646773759326fbac3b2311fd8c8793ee

Please LEGALLY BUY the ROM images, it helps support the Amiga Emulation Scene!