Upcoming Changes 2024 [Update: 2023-10-20]

Starting from 2024 I will sadly be ditching Gameplay Videos, This is mainly due to the time involved in creating them, and the fact I have not much time to work on the Blog as I used to

While I know this might upset some, I will still do screenshots, Continue to make this Games Collection, and the Amiga Forever RP9 Files, so nothing will change in regards to that, I am still fully committed to making the largest ever Public Domain / Shareware and Freeware Games Collection for the Amiga

Instead of me recording the Gameplay Videos, I will link to YouTube so you can still watch the Game being played on there so you can still see the Game being played

Sadly Real Life is getting in the way, and creating Gameplay Videos takes a lot of time to do, and on top of that, I then need to make the Game work under the Games Collection/RP9 which in some cases has taken some time, even to the point I have had to alter the Game files so they work from the Collection

There is quite a lot of work to do sometimes to make these Games work essentially from a Hard Drive Image, especially when they can lock to device names (such as DF0:) as opposed to assignable volume names, or they need specific library versions, or fonts for example, all of which takes time to do

Sometimes I need to edit the Game files directly so they can then be assigned to a folder on the image, so they will work correctly, some need additional tweaking to get them to work as well

I hope you will understand why I have taken this decision, and hope you will still support me, as I am currently doing this all on my own, so I have to put a lot of effort in to make sure Games are ready for every Friday, I also have to write the reviews, and make screenshots, and then source other information, and then I have to put all this together into the Games Collection and Amiga Forever RP9 files, It is quite a task I can tell you

The main direction of this Blog, and will remain to be so, is to create the Biggest Ever Games Collection for the Amiga which is easy to use for everyone, old and new, to the Amiga

I hope I have made it super easy for everyone to load and use this Games Collection, which loads so you can just simply pick a Game and play it, saving you time having to find the Game image (such as ADF files of the Game) and/or to Configure sometimes complex Emulator Settings, which to new users can put them off trying to even play some Wonderful, and some Not-So-Wonderful Amiga Games

Please feel free to leave me feedback, I do value your feedback

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