Carry On Bloggin’

Some further Good News, I no longer have to move, Landlord has allowed us to stay in return for a slight Increase in Rent and they are upgrading the house as well, so I can Carry On Blogging as Normal ..


So at least that is Great News for me – Means I do not have to prepare to move within the 2 months notice, and also means I can carry on with the Blog, something I love doing, and I hope you all enjoy it too

Please feel free to leave me any feedback using the button on the right, and if you want a reply, please make sure you leave me an email address, There has been a few who I have not been able to contact due to this missing information

You can also join my Discord Server if you wish and Chat to me there, I am open for ideas and suggestions

Thankyou again to all my close friends and family during this time, You really have helped me a lot, and I am very grateful to all my online friends and family too, who have helped as well


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