AROS-Supported Games

I want to allow everyone to be able to play some Games from this Classic Games Collection, so I will now be marking the Games as “AROS-Compatible” (or listed as [AROS] in the Selector Menus)

The Games MUST: Fully Load and Play – Have Very Minor or No Graphical or Sound Glitches – and Fully Load and Play as they do using the Original Kickstart ROM Files, but only using the AROS ROM

Games included in this category have *ONLY* been tested with the built-in AROS ROM as of WinUAE 4.4.0 – Later versions of WinUAE and/or AROS ROM may allow further Games to work, But for now I will just concentrate on the built-in AROS ROM included inside WinUAE

When any newer versions of WinUAE are released, I will update the WinUAE Games Package to the newer version, and I will playtest it with the Current Collection and see if any further Games will then support AROS ROM, at which stage I will update the Games in the Menus and add them to the AROS-Supported Category

Please read the AROS Documentation included in the WinUAE Games Package, as this will detail what Games work and if there are any major issues, they will also be listed in the same document

In short, if a Game is not listed in the AROS-Supported Category, and does not have [AROS] marked beside it on the Selector Menu, it will have issues or problems which are severe enough to warrant it not being included in the AROS-Supported Listing!

From November 2021, There will be AROS Configuration files also included with the WinUAE Games Package, which you can use to load up the Selector in order to choose the Games marked with [AROS] which are the only Games which will be Fully Supported via the Built-In AROS ROM Files

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